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My name is Brandon Butch.

And this is where I get to tell you about both my personal & professional life. Strap up.

Growing up

It all started in 1993, at a hospital I won’t name in sunny rainy North Florida. I was born at 6am but am the furthest thing from a morning person possible.

I was raised in Florida most of my life by 2 hard working parents – both working sales/managerial jobs at retail stores. Both of which went on to run their own retail business that they started from scratch.

I guess you can say I got my entrepreneurial drive from watching my parents growing up.

I went to school like most kids do and nothing was really unique about my life until I hit high school.

High School is where things got fun.

During high school, I played a lot of Call Of Duty. But here’s what made playing video games different for me – I made money playing video games.

I would compete in online tournaments, unlock achievements for other players for a fee and other small-time hustles. I made close to $500 per month just from playing video games as a freshman & sophomore in high school.

During my sophomore year, I slowed down a little bit on the video games and bought myself a camcorder to start up a YouTube channel.

My plan? To show people how to jailbreak their iPhone/iPod and customize it in ways most people didn’t know was possible.

The channel was called bbsipodtouchhelp.

In addition to the YouTube channel, I created DailyiFix, a site where I can post my videos and also report on all Apple-related news.

I’ll spare you all of the in-depth details, but let’s just say both the YouTube channel and the website went extremely well and I didn’t have to worry about getting a job throughout High School.

The YouTube channel is still up now and I create multiple new videos weekly.

Anyways, 6 months after graduation, I enrolled in a local State College and took courses for about a year.

While attending college (on Christmas Day of 2011), I decided to start a a music website since I had always been a major hip-hop head.

With extensive YouTube experience already under my belt, I thought the idea of uploading music onto YouTube would be a great way to drive traffic to my newly-created website. With hip-hop, there is new music being released every day, so the lack of consistency was never a concern.

After 3 years, the site was a top 70,000 site in the world (according to Alexa) and my writings had been cited by big name publications such as Complex, Idolator, Pitchfork, RapGenius, RapRadar and more.

Fast forward to January 1, 2017, and the site has accumulated over 14 million pageviews in its lifetime, more than 11 million of those being unique pageviews.

The site shut down on January 2, 2017 but you can read my farewell message here.

Aside from the video game hustle, YouTube channel, technology site and music website, I also did a lot of contract marketing/writing work.

Now what?

Well, I have 10,000 ideas in my head right now, so I can’t really say. However, heyinsight is an exciting project that I plan to launch in 2017.

If you would like to work together, I’m always open to contract work! You can chat with me here.